Argument for Visselec

1) Security: the Visselec connector is used only with very low safety voltage, which ensures people’s safety (subject to a compliant power supply).

2) Mounting: No milling in the furniture (no rabbet, no cutting for connection housing recess, only a cable passage of thickness less than 2.2mm).

3) Ease of connection when placing and moving: The single clamping of 2 times 2 turns of screw ensures connection and fixation of the connector.

4) Fast installation time: less than one minute to connect a tablet.
5) Conform to standards: For use with very low safety voltage the whole system complies with current standards. The use of a tool (screwdriver) for the connection corresponds to the European directives which require this recommendation for access to conductor cables.

6) Low cost: Similar systems require more alteration of furniture, more setting-up time and more expensive equipement.